At Headsup, We Care

Just how crucial are employee benefits? We at Headsup Corporation say it is extremely important. It is because to us our employees are important. They are the ones who steer the organization day-in and day-out to achieve success. And salary alone cannot compensate for that. Therefore, at Headsup Corporation we provide our employees with the following benefits:

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Following a non-hierarchal structure, we provide our employees with not only an easy environment and flexible work hours but also allow them to work from home.

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At Headsup Corporation, we believe in being humane, sensible and unbiased. Bringing an intention to implementation, we have, therefore, empowered our women employees through our unique menstrual policy in which they can take a paid leave during their cycles and rest adequately.

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We understand the various situations, events, and conditions a person may go through. That’s why our leave policy is not only based on sick leaves and earned leaves but also pregnancy leaves and others. Our soon-to-be married employees even get 10-days of leave to enjoy one of the most precious events of their lives.

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Amidst the rush of work and attack of deadlines, we plan out and organize activities that interest our employees. Apart from parties, we organize fun art workshops, employee awards, and potlucks that imbibe the true feeling of communion and belonging and forge a stronger team bond.

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We value our employees as much as their personal space. We understand that creativity is invoked through freedom and inspiration. #MeTime is, therefore, an initiative of Headsup Corporation that allows employees to do whatever they wish to in a certain point of the day.

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In order to keep up with new technologies and ever transforming professional functions and processes, we involve our existing and new employees at frequent training sessions and workshops so that they are ready for any rare project.

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Hard work and optimum productivity are only possible when an organization provides for proper employee care. Taking complete responsibility of employee health Headsup Corporation provides health insurance for all.

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Earning money is as important as saving them. And, our organization completely understands that. Keeping in mind the long term profits of our employees, we at Headsup Corporation provide for SIP Mutual Funds for all.

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Apart from maintaining a flexible work culture, Headsup Corporation makes sure that every employee is acknowledged, recognized and appreciated. And that’s why it never deters from providing well-deserved increments and bonuses to its employees.