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2 years and counting – Celebrating success with rewards and colors at Headsup Corporation

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Headsup Corporation turned #2 last week and we couldn’t help but celebrate the combined effort of an incredibly talented team who is determined and dedicated towards our vision. Here’s a toast to lessons learned, experimenting, and expanding together to help ideas grow to full-fledged businesses. We kicked off the day with  a fun filled “Employee Awards” session to reward our team members who won funny and creative award titles (The Late Lateef Award, The Monica Gellar Award, Punch-in-of-the-day award and more) after a week of in-house voting:

Employee awards

employee engagement

employee awards

It was followed by a cake-cutting ceremony, which we all were secretly waiting for 😉

employee engagement

Handwritten personalized cards were given to employees to express gratitude as small acts of love leave deep-rooted impressions.

employee engagement

We went on to continue the day with some fun Holi celebrations which included drenching in colors:

employee engagement

employee engagement

Moving onwards and upwards, we hope the next 365 days are fueled with innovation, success and “HAPPINESS” as we all know only “Happy” employees fuel the success of the company.  We have been working persistently on our next milestone to turn our vision into reality while nurturing partnerships which fuel growth. To everybody who has made Headsup Corporation what it is today: thank you.

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