The New Outlook- Added Benefits of HR?

Koupe, a 2017 ice cream startup, makes ice cream that has in their own words less sugar than a ripe apple, approximately 9.4 g sugar. It has more dietary fiber than a serving of broccoli. It is ice cream but much more. It is for the world that demands extra benefit with the products that […]

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Listen, Think, and Then Speak!

We all have heard this popular idiom ‘Think before you speak’. But before thinking, you need to listen properly. Listening is an indispensable aspect of the communication process. The process cannot take place until and unless a message is heard and retained thoroughly. Spoken words hold no meaning if they are not interpreted in a […]

A Day, Everyday in My Office!

The start of my professional journey at Headsup Corporation has been enthralling since the day of my interview. I was asked to write a poem on ‘Imaginary Organisation’. From there only I started imagining my would-be-intriguing days at Headsup. People often ask me, “What’s a typical day like in your office?”. Honestly, there’s no typical […]

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