Tips To Maintain Employee Engagement & Productivity With Remote Work

5 Tips To Maintain Employee Engagement & Productivity With Remote Workers

With Coronavirus outbreak, multiple organizations have switched to being 100% remote which makes it even more difficult to maintain employee engagement and productivity. The habit to micromanage processes, managers demand more visibility when it comes to handling their team members...

idea management software

Here are the 5 Major Benefits of an Idea Management Software

Many a times ideas brought to the table go unnoticed, let alone forgotten or scrapped. With new business models cropping up now and then, organizations incline more towards technologies like idea management software (IMS) to create continuous improvement. According to...


Does Recognition for Work Outweigh the Reward?

Whenever you have performed in your job, you expect your manager, your colleagues or someone in the organisation to appreciate that hard work, whether it is a simple thank you or an quarterly or yearly reward. As people, we want...

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