1. Why do I need to outsource HR services for my organization?

Catering to clients from diverse industries, we have come across multiple reasons why businesses nowadays opt to outsource HR services. One of the primary benefits of choosing HR consulting firms is that it is cost-effective. Instead of hiring a team of HR professionals, one gets the whole human resource expertise within an affordable package. At times, the concern also entails to the solution of only a particular aspect. While some try to improve their recruitment and onboarding process, others may require assistance in formulating policies or in enhancing their performance management system. In such situations, one does not always require a full-time HR team but timely assistance offered by HR consultants. Furthermore, many entrepreneurs choose to focus on their core business and, therefore, opt to outsource HR services for effective people management.       

2. What major functions of HR should I outsource for?

An HR consultancy firm assists you to resolve any organizational concerns. The unique aspect about Headsup Corporation is that we not only offer customized HR assistance in recruitment, policy creation, performance management systems, R&Rs, payroll, compensations and increment, organization structure, etc. but also play the role of an incubator for new businesses and provide employer branding services taking care of end-to-end online reputation of the organization.    

3. How can Headsup’s HR Toolkit assist me?  

Headsup’s HR Toolkit is an all-in-one, customizable collection of tools, policies, processes, documents, and templates. Studying, analyzing, and understanding the major hiccups in a startup and/or SME, we have formulated this toolkit intending to make them self-sufficient in their organization management. From policies, PMS trackers, and survey forms to onboarding, recruitment and separation processes, employee engagement calendars and more, Headsup HR Toolkit is an all-round solution for all organizational issues.  

4. Will I get a dedicated HR consultant/manager?

As an expert HR consultant, we believe in a flexible offering of our assistance. If you require a dedicated HR consultant/manager who will directly work with you without any external intervention, our expert HR consultants will be ready to assist you.   

5. Does Headsup Corporation offer complete data confidentiality?

As an organization ourselves, we understand the importance and necessity of company data confidentiality. Therefore, along with our dedicated HR assistance, we also offer the promise of keeping company data classified.  

6. How can I opt for Headsup’s HR services?

You can fill up the inquiry form on our website or directly contact us at info@ or call us at 011-41661818. Your query will be acknowledged within 48 Hours.



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