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Headsup’s IMS

An Interactive Platform to Innovate, Amend and Implement

Powered by SAAS, Headsup’s IMS is the app that lets your employees loosen up, come forward and let you know their grievances, ideas, and suggestions. We even refer this app as the two-way benefactor.

Whether startups or well-established organizations, the app, on one hand, lets your employees express their issues or introduce their unique concept of growth. On the other, you get to know the loopholes in your workspace and determine which of these ideas will work. Headsup’s IMS app also initiates the streamlining of project workflow via chat/group chat features.

A tried-and-tested product, it boosts engagement with its ever-friendly, social media-like and gamified user interface: your employees are going to have a lot of fun.

What’s in It for You?

Anonymity Makes It Easy

Anybody in your organization can express their concern or ideas. The power to maintain anonymity will help your employees to be more honest than they have ever been in your organization feedback form.


Open Yourself To Awareness

Being the leader, you sit at the top of the pyramid. Sometimes a bird’s eye view is not enough. Learn the problems in your organization from the honest employee confessions. Understand what’s needed, make changes or introduce something new to make things better.


Work Better with Group Chat

Don’t let the workflow go haywire. Streamline it via group chat on Headsup’s IMS app. Gain clarity and initiate quick action through prompt responses.


Likes Carry Gravity

Just like any social media platform, your employees can like a post they relate with. The more the likes, the more is the popularity of the idea and/or the concern that needs your attention.


Gamify to Engage Employees

The more the likes on any employee’s post, the more their name will show on top of the leader board through the points they gain – an effective means to instill constant employee engagement.


Employee Voice

Employee engagement and organization care is amplified when you show that your employees’ opinions about the organization matter. Wipeout unnecessary diplomacy and grapevine network from your organization with Headsup’s IMS app. Let your employees know that they can be fearlessly candid with the organization for the organization’s growth.


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