HR policies are laid down to increase the effectiveness of an organization by channelizing a diverse set of people in the same direction. From drafting policies and processes to conducting HR audits. Headsup Corporation understands the multiple dynamics which goes behind policy creation and adoption. Hence, we provide end to end support to strategically draft all kinds of policies such as Disciplinary, Behavioral and Contemporary to promote fairness at the workplace.

Policy & Practice

  • Policy benchmarking with key stakeholders to give a structure to the organization
  • Draft well-established policies to create a good corporate image for the company
  • Streamline the processes and procedures in sync with the policies
  •  Create awareness about the policies to increase job satisfaction

HR Audits

  • Strategic alignment of HR functions with business goals both long term and short terms to enhance ROI
  • Detailed assessment of current HR practices to address the future needs of the company in order to redesign or improvise HR systems.
  • Ensure effective talent utilization, retention, and development
  •  Strengthing accountability through appraisal systems

The Headsup Differentiator:

  • Extensive result-driven solutions well-crafted by our experts
  • Open to customizations as per specific client requirements.
  • Solutions cater to both short term and long-term company goals.
  • Flexible and diverse across various levels and industries.

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