Don’t Let Your Resume Belittle Your Worth – Build Your Resume With Us To Secure Your Dream Job

Ever wondered that it could be your resume that’s holding you back as research says about 75% of candidates are rejected because of a poor resume.

You are wrong if you think that the “Interview Round” is where you create the first impression – It starts right from the resume that you send out to the company. A well-crafted CV can easily resolve the issue for you and create a curiosity in the employer’s head.

Therefore, Headsup Corporation is here to help you with our resume services which includes templates, screening, identifying gaps, introspective discussions and so much more – Don’t let another job application get rejected, we’ll help you draft an error-free CV to get you noticed!

Headsup Resume Services
Resume Free Resume Elite Resume Premium
Free Rs. 1500Rs. 999 Rs. 2500Rs. 1999
Providing upto 2 templates Providing upto 5 templates Customized CV design as per your profile
Finding 3 gaps in your resume Finding 10 gaps in your resume Finding all relevant gaps in your resume to make it employer friendly
Aesthetically sound with ATS formats, right printing, fonts Aesthetically sound with ATS formats, right printing, fonts
introspective discussion of 30 minutes around your career Introspective discussion of 60 minutes around your career
Making the LinkedIn profile all star
Reimagining Naukri Profile with the right Keywords to make your profile search friendly

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    Build Your Resume In 4 Simple Steps

    • Step 1 – Send us your enquiry
    • Step 2 – Complete the payment (If you are opting for a paid version)
    • Step 3 – Connect With Our Team
    • Step 4 – Your CV is ready – It’s time to send your job applications!

    Why Headsup Corporation?

    • ATS Friendly Job Winning Resume Templates/Become a top search result in ATS
    • Tested and Proven to get results for job seekers coming from all walks of life
    • Save time and effort on customization
    • HR approved phrases to boost your resume
    • Expert advice at every step
    • Pre-written and job-specific descriptions including industry-based keywords
    • Data and privacy control to secure personal data


    1. How can an ATS optimized Resume help me in landing a job?

    An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) acts a scanning device for recruiters. It parses a resume’s content into categories and scans keywords to determine if it matches the requirements of the recruiters. It weeds out unqualified applicants to save a recruiter’s time and effort. Hence, we customize ATS-Friendly resumes by incorporating the best keywords, a simple and clean design while avoiding embedded charts and other images, custom font styles, and intricate bullet styles that will get simply skipped over when the ATS scans your application.

    2. Is the job guaranteed after the resume is created?

    No, we do not guarantee that you will secure the job despite drafting the perfect CV as interviews are not solely dependent on resumes but it surely creates a lasting impression. 

    3. What is the importance of a professional resume?

    It is unarguably the most important part of today’s job application process. A well-tailored resume will increase your chances of landing an interview while a poorly crafted resume will get lost in the sea of applicants.

    4. Will my personal data be safe?

    Yes, your date is safe with us as we do not share information with any third party. We and follow strict data and privacy control guidelines.

    5. Does the charges of the Resume Elite & Resume Premium packages include GST?

    Yes, the amount mentioned on the website is all-inclusive and no extra charges are to be paid. 

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