The ability to attract the right talents along with establishing a suitable work environment not just enables you to create your organization’s dream team but boost productivity, engagement, loyalty, and responsibility within them. Our team of seasoned professionals offers deft talent management services so you can streamline everything from candidate search to onboarding. We’ll help you can overpower the competitive job market while keeping your current employees satisfied so they can augment your potential candidates’ interest.

Talent Acquisition & Management

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy to make you ever-present on potential candidates’ radar via unique EVP, sourcing, and employer branding plans.
  • Recruitment Marketing to attract the best talent, pace up hiring, and save both your time and cost.
  • Position Identification to understand skill and experience requirements as per industry and organization.
  • Job Description Creation that offers complete clarity on the requirements and attracts the best talents with the right skill set.
  • Prescreening and Reference Checks to help you select the best-suited candidate for your company.

Onboarding and Induction

  • Personalized Onboarding Strategy to initiate a positive employee experience and engagement from the start.
  • Organization Information to offer a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its policies, and functions.
  • Team Introduction to make the new employee feel welcome and acquainted with all employees and managers.
  • Miscellaneous Information Apprising to clear the air on any extra queries like working hours and timings, location, etc.
  • Induction Process Initiation to give a walkthrough employee policies and rights, and cover legal and compliance requirements.

Campus Hiring

  • Campus Hiring Strategy offering a step-by-step plan to brew students’ interest and participation in campus recruitment and get the best young talent.
  • Campus Selection via listing targeted premium education institutions specific to your industry and position requirements.
  • Communication and Follow-ups with education institutes to find slots and schedule interviews for freshers’ recruitment and hiring on campus.
  • Employer Branding to create a stir about your organization and the benefits the students can reap after selection and placement.
  • Online Platform Identification to maximize target audience engagement and attention boosting campus hiring promotions.

Recruit Quality Talents in a Snap!

Our Recruitment Experts are Exactly What You Need to Get Your Workforce Sorted

    • In-Depth Job Market Analysis
    • Keyword Optimized Candidate Search
    • Expert Strategic Resourcing Advisory
    • Detailed Screening and Interview Process
    • Robust Employer Branding Assistance

Recruitment across All Levels

Fresher | Associate | Senior Associate | Mid-Senior | Senior | Management | C-Suite

Campus Recruitment Niche Recruitment Lateral Recruitment Leadership Recruitment
With specialized campus recruiters on board, we help to find you fresh talent across top education institutes in India. Internships or full-time employment, we strategize and streamline recruitment processes, conduct open interactions with students and company promotions at recruitment events, prepare marketing materials to boost your employer brand to propagate student engagement. When your company requires a very specific skill set to attain a business goal, we make sure that you get it as soon as possible. Whether you need tech professionals with skills in A.I., blockchain, Big Data, etc. or non-tech talents with skills in visual design, research, and development, artists, architects, etc. we strive to discover the best-suited talents to cater to your needs. Our lateral recruitment services offer talent hunt and scrutiny for all departments to fill organization gaps. Apart from composing attractive job descriptions and/or posts, we conduct pre-screening interviews of the candidate to understand their skills, strengths, weaknesses, and the gap they have been experiencing in their current organization to strategize attractive packages initiating a timely hire. We understand the tension and pain an organization experiences when someone from the C-suite level either resigns or retires. Designing comprehensive recruitment strategies via industry and market research and analysis, we narrow down on the best leaders in the industry with not just excellent management qualities but are also a culture fit.


The company provided a brilliant environment to work, along with a culture of openness and dynamic leadership. I gained a diverse experience in the world of advertising and branding. A great experience overall!

– Mr. Raghav Gupta

Headsup Corporation caters to all your management needs! It is the one stop shop for HR & Digital Marketing requirements. My knowledge base has increased vehemently after working with such great minds!

– Ms. Kritika Kaushik

The best place for creative minds, Amazing culture, flexible work environment, challenging/stimulating work.

– Ms. Kajal Sharma

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