Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition

10 Ways in Which Employer Branding Boosts Talent Acquisition

“The art and science of employer branding are concerned with the attraction, engagement, and retention initiatives to enhance your company’s employer brand.”

     — Minchington

As talent grows to become a much-needed resource, the way recruitment occurs has changed too. Owing to current demand, a company has to get their employer branding straight even to set foot in the hiring arena. After that begins the real competition of hiring top-notch talent and retaining them for a significant amount of time. As such you can easily imagine the significance of best employer branding practices. It works as the guiding force behind your brand building and the pathway to sustainable growth in terms of workforce. 

But, How many of us know about Employer Branding?

Before we start looking at the old bore definition or what Employer Branding does, let’s look at NIVIDA. The software giant recently got voted the best place for working and innovation 2022. The company dedicates a significant amount of time nurturing the promise of growth and innovation. But what makes it different from the other names in the industry? Is it merely the work they do? Well, it isn’t. The company works on both offline and online perceptions of its brand name. It generates pioneers in computing and ensures that the world knows about them. And that’s what we are going to look at.

Employer Branding or EB is how a particular corporation functions as a workplace. In comparison to the more comprehensive corporate entity reputation and value offered to customers, it shows why a workplace is different while emphasizing the employer’s standing in the hiring space. It further focuses o showcasing the brand as a place to work and the employee value proposition. So, it isn’t only about setting your best foot forward but ensuring that the step is recognized and appreciated globally.

The story doesn’t end here.

Additionally, based on the branding and the image it generates, Employer Branding also shows the benefits they offer to their talents just hired. There is more to employer branding than just image building and advertising the potential employer. It directly impacts the financial obligations of the entire hiring process and the increments in terms of salaries, bonuses, or non-monetary benefits to come in the future.

Relationship Between Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

Employer Branding


Correlating Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding in isolation can be tricky for all of us. You might consider what marketing strategies and hiring procedures have in common. Well, it isn’t that hard to see if you delve deeper into what both cater to. 

Whether hiring, talent maintenance, or EB, each of these are pillars that procure a functional and sustainable workforce for a business. The relationship, therefore, is symbiotic here. Employer branding serves as a magnet to gather all the talent while talent acquisition methodologies ensure that this talent is not being poached off. Let’s not forget that employer branding also plays a trump card in determining the monetary benefits of your hired talent. 

So, what should we do to retain talent and develop the best employer branding practices?

Let’s find out!

10 Ways to Boost Talent Acquisition Using Employer Branding Strategy

Boost Talent Acquisition Using Employer Branding strategy


1. Maintaining a Strong Employee Community

A healthy community of employees is the best mouth publicity. Their feedbacks are the greatest way to seek high-functioning talent. Ensure that your employees share and give feedback on the overall talent acquisition, retention, and hiring process.

2. Recording and Showcasing Employee Feedback

Using pre-existing talent for new hires is a tried and tested formula. Use the positive responses you get from your current employees as a marketing tool, and you will see better results.

3. Advertising Health Company Values

Talent needs a nurturing ground to grow and evolve apart from the paycheck. You will promise the same by showcasing healthy practices and work culture to them, which is a great hiring strategy.

4. Transparency in Terms of Policies

Employer branding practices never mean boasting of false images or promises. It thrives on the “you get what you see” formula. Therefore, all the policies that you showcase under this have to be accurate and fair in nature.

5. Having a Strong Reach Online

Your virtual outreach matters just as much as your marketplace image. To have a great EB and EVP, you need to boost your virtual presence so that your hiring rubrics are seen and approached by the targeted talent pool.

6. Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is when your employees promote and raise awareness of the company and its goods and services. So, if the potential hire hears from an existing employee, the impact is loud and clear.

7. Using Social Media as a Tool 

We are surrounded by a mesh of social media platforms responsible for forming opinions and reputations in diverse ways. Your company can employ this to its benefit. Include Social Media as a framework for your employer branding policies and observe the reach growing significantly.

Social Media


8. Include Key Performance Indicators

Having Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) would help you sort your recruitment metrics out. It carves a layout regarding needs, requirements and objectives, and the talent needed in its execution. Your sorting procedure for talent acquisition would be easy if it’s defined already.

9. Use Web Analytic Tools

Web Analytics tools are a great way to assess your ranking globally. We live in the internet age, so what not to use to improve our hiring procedures? Include tools that assess all the parameters and help you find the best talent pool based on your brand name. It will be easier for both the employer and the employees.

10. Set Clear Actionable Objectives

Your recruitment goals and employer branding must align in terms of objectives. Ensure that each of the purposes and metrics you set is feasible and clear.

Bottom Line

Employer branding doesn’t only cater to the brand’s needs alone. It is also the all-encompassing element that generates trust and builds a bridge between the talent hired and the company they are to work for. Now, you can imagine the reliance of talent acquisition and retention on healthy employer branding methods. It is both an employer’s way to meet its need and social and moral responsibility toward the potential of the talent in question.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How are Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition linked?

Employer branding is the key to making talent acquisition and hiring processes easier. It lays out all the features the brand has to showcase, giving the required talent a window into the company’s inner mechanisms and perks.

What is the purpose of Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the marketing technique that brands a company as a potential employer. It streamlines the hiring process and makes talent acquisition and retention better.

Are Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition the same?

No, there is a fine line between Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition. Both Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition are concerned with hiring. But, Employer Branding focuses more on the brand, while Employee Value Proposition gets into the specifics of using the hired talent to make the same branding easy.

What are some ways to improve Talent Acquisition and Retention?

Employer Branding is the best way to. However, you can also use virtual advertisements, improve outreach programs, and run different hiring programs to make the process easier.

How does Employer Branding help a Brand on social media?

Employer Branding on social media reaches a wider audience. If the desired talent notes the brand online, the possibility of them reaching out is more.