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5 Resume Writing Tips To Transform Your Job Duties Into Accomplishment

The majority of us draft resume with work experience written in the form of job duties and responsibilities which eventually looks like job descriptions. This one mistake can make your resume look average and will fail to create an impression that could have made a recruiter take more interest in you as a potential candidate. Even the top recruiters from best HR consultancy in Delhi agree that they often find aspirants filling their resume with endless job duties. Individuals often fail to recognize the difference between quoting job duties and achievements on our resume. Hence, we are here to guide you with a proven method as to how to create an impactful impression on an employer by transforming your job duties into accomplishments. Increase your chances of getting selected with these 5 Top tips to showcase your achievement rather than job duties.

1.First Things First, Understand The Difference

In simple words, duties are what you were responsible for under a specific role while accomplishments describe your achievements which made you stand out as an outcome of how well you did at your job. Most of the recruiters have a fair idea through the job titles itself as to what your duties were previously hence, accomplishments reflect how you benefited your organization eventually helping you create a good impression.

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2. Make A List Of Your Achievements

The best way to do so is to ask yourself questions that can help you segregate your accomplishments in a better way. The questions can include:

– Was I able to save the company cash?

– Which projects did I conceptualize and succeed at?

– Did I receive any awards or accolades?

– Did I meet my tasks/goals consistently?

– Was I ever recognized by a manager for a project well done?

– How did I stand out among other employees?

– Did I go beyond my everyday role and achieved something exceptional?

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3. Think Of Numbers

After answering the questions above, you’ll have a list of achievements in your hand. It’s time to add facts and numbers, in other words, your measurables to those accomplishments. Think of the outcome that was resulted from your duties, write them down in your resume in terms of facts, figures, percentage, and numbers. For eg. “Successfully executed two projects which increased sales by 68%.” Remember quoting job responsibilities will not attract your employer, your accomplishments will.

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4. Think Of Additional Benefits/Accomplishments

Instead of paraphrasing multiple job descriptions in the name achievements. It’s time to add additional benefits that went beyond generating revenue for the company. You can add accomplishments related to:

– Any tasks you were individually responsible for

– A great idea that you conceptualized which is never got implemented

– Any skills in maintaining relationships with vendors/customers/clients

– Any instrumental role that you played in a launch, expansion or implementation of an innovative program

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5. Still confused?

If you’re still stuck with figuring out your accomplishments and having a hard time trying to convert your job duties into valid measurables then maybe it’s time to review your reference letters and performance evaluations. It will help you figure out details regarding your achievements. You can also ask a superior or a colleague to help you curate your top contributions as a team member or individual in your previous organization. The idea is to not sell yourself short, draft a resume that creates curiosity.

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