Gender Equality At Their Workplace

5 Things An Employer Can Do To Promote Gender Equality At Their Workplace

Despite several amendments, some organizations still play a part in fostering a culture which is engulfed in gender inequality. It’s important as an employer to look closely at the company’s culture, policy and processes to eradicate any element of discrimination. Hence, ensuring equal opportunities for both men and women in terms of benefits, pay, incentives and promotions. Here are 5 things you can do to improve gender equality in your workplace:

 1. First And Foremost: Equal Pay

The first step towards gender equality at the workplace begins with bridging the wage gap and maintaining transparency related to the same. As an employer, it’s very crucial to audit your payroll while reflecting on the figures more broadly. An employee should be paid equally irrespective of gender as both (men and women) work on the same set of responsibilities.

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2. Strict Policies Against Harassment Or Any Kind Of Discrimination

1 in 4 women experiences sexual harassment in the workplace while 69% of them have never registered a complaint against it. If your company doesn’t take the safety of women seriously, then someone else will. Also, ensure that there are strict actions against any such discrimination, harassment or bullying. Provide women with a safe environment to foster not only gender equality but economic growth as well.

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3. Prioritising Work-Life Balance

Foster a workplace culture which respects their employees’ work-life balance as several working mothers suffer pay penalties for taking time off to take care of their household and childcare duties. Furthermore, fathers should also be allowed to take paternal leave to support the family so the mothers can progress professionally. A company should include:

– Flexible working hours

– Work From Home Opportunities

– Benefits related to health insurance, income protection and more.

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4. More Leadership Roles For Women

Did you know – 75% of medical and health services managers are women? It’s important to eliminate the stigma around women being incompetent for leadership roles. As a progressive company which is against gender discrimination, one should have a mentoring program for deserving women candidates to create role models within the organization while giving a fair chance to everybody who has the right potential.

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5. Restructure The Recruitment Process

Improving gender equality starts with a more transparent and unbiased selection process for each candidate – Right from creating better job descriptions which don’t favor any particular sex to implementing a more standardized interview process so everyone is asked the same set of questions. Another great way to go about it would be removing names while screening resumes and selecting candidates on the basis of their professional competencies.

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