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Are you scaling up your startup? If yes, then you need an HR intervention

Talent, the most underrated resource suddenly comes into focus as startups begin their scale up journey. They need the right skill sets to steer their business towards a new phase of growth. But most often startups and SMEs don’t have robust talent policies in place.

While they have been managing work and talent so far, as their size grows and more people join the force, the startups struggle in many aspects. Whether it is creating a strong talent pipeline, enhancing employee engagement, keeping a check on attrition, managing operations, or/and sustaining a strong company culture. And that’s when they need HR intervention. They need experts and consultants to guide them and make the right talent decisions.

Here are 3 key areas where you need to invest immediately, if you are looking to scale up:

1.Revamp your employer brand to attract the best talent

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, a positive employer brand is critical. Your presence and how you portray yourself on the internet is critical in today’s times. Whether it is what goes into your website to what you are posting on LinkedIn everything matters.

It is also important to understand how the talent you are seeking perceives your brand. Further it is also necessary to know their career aspirations. Employer branding is not that easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of research and work to create an attractive employer brand. Hence, startups and SMEs need to outsource the complex process from the experts and seek guidance.

employer branding

2.Create an effective performance management system

Once you start hiring and enhancing your teams, you also need more structure to smoothly manage all work. Startups have to create consistent feedback loops and identify how they will sustain and develop the current talent. One of the best tools to build a strong internal talent pipeline is building an effective performance management system, that allows startups to consistently identify the strengths of the current employees and build on them.

It helps startups and SMEs to grow and provide opportunities for the employees to learn and develop. The best part is that this effective performance management system is aligned with the vision and goals of the company’s new growth phase.

performance management system

3.Enhance your employee experience & improve your talent retention

As the startups expand, hiring the top talent is not the only important aspect but retaining them is also key. It is important to know what will make the talent stick around? Based on the analysis, the startups need to focus on all the moments that matter in the entire employee life cycle and create a more engaging experience for them.

Hence, the startups require a more personalized approach to understand the unique needs of employees and create a more hyper-personalised employee experience.

employee experience

At Headsup Corporation, our team of experts takes care of all the major aspects of talent management.  We help you create effective and personalized talent strategies and drive business growth.

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