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BEWARE of Making These 5 Mistakes while giving a VIRTUAL Interviews

Virtual interviews are here to stay even in the longer run as recruiters and candidates have started getting comfortable with the idea as well keeping flexibility in mind. They might seem easier to crack, but you never know that you might be making one of these mistakes, so keep in check.  All the best!

1. Turning Up Late

We understand that you don’t have to give this interview in-person but that shouldn’t be an excuse to show up late as it gives a bad impression. Make sure you’re online at least 10-15 minutes before the interview so you can be well-prepared and make a good impression right from the beginning. So, make it a point never to turn up late!

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2.Poor WiFi

Nothing worse than constant buffering interrupting your interview session. Like we mentioned above, be online at least 10-15 minutes early to ensure you have sufficient time to check the WiFi connectivity at your end. Bandwidth issues can also hamper the picture and audio quality of your session, so ensure that you have good internet connection before you begin.

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3. A Distracting Background

Be it family members or pets passing by or loud music/traffic noise in the background, both can get you and the recruiter easily distracted. Ensure that you pick a spot in your house which is distraction and clutter free as well. Keep it as professional as possible, it’s only when you treat it like an in-person interview that’s when you can actually crack a virtual one.

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4. Dressing Up Casually Is A BIG “NO”!

Just like you can’t comprise on interview timings, similarly comprising on the dressing bit is a clear NO. Even if it’s an online interview, dress up professionally, like we said first impression is the last impression. Wear a formal shirt or suit and look your best to get their attention that you’re serious about the role. It’s not just the communication that matters but also how you carry yourself.

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5. Fidgeting & Checking Your Phone

Let’s be honest would you peek in to your phone when giving an interview? No right? If you wouldn’t do it when you’re giving an interview in-person, why do it when it’s a virtual interview. Try not to fidget too much or peeking in your phone, stay focused with not just your words but body language as well.

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