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7 Ways To Convert Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job

Best 7 Ways To Convert Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job

Is your current internship just in sync with your aspirations? What if we tell you that you can turn this one into a full-time job?

Yes, you read it right.

 We are here to help you gear up to secure your DREAM job. Research says Fortune 500 companies convert 80% of their interns into entry level hires. What makes you think you don’t have a shot? Follow these 7 steps to double your chances of becoming a potential “highly efficient” employee:

1. Research About Your Field

Before you give it all to the organization, research about it thoroughly. Learn about the latest trends happening in your respective industry. Read more about the organization in detail to understand them better. The idea is to know everything about your field to be able to contribute the best by using every resource available at your disposal. It will also help you to reciprocate during discussions and meetings.


field research


2. Switch Your Pro-Active Mode On

As an intern good performance is not sufficient to stand out for your manager. Hence, here are a few ways to reflect a pro-active attitude to dive deeper in order to deliver the best:

– Come up with problem-solving ideas

– Request feedback for self-improvement

– Lend a helping hand in your free time

– Network internally to build connections

– Ace your assignments without any delays

– Be a team player, take initiative in group projects

being pro active

3. Adhere To Work Ethics – Be Professional!

Lack of work ethics can easily overshadow your pro-active attitude. Maintaining a professional image is an essential quality you need to have in order to impress your employer. Keep a distance from office politics, adhere to office timings, avoid personal calls & emails, and most importantly respect the office culture. The motive should be to project the personality of a potential employee who is goal-driven and takes work ethics very seriously.

work ethic

4. Network During Your Free Time

Make every day at your internship count by networking internally with other employees and managers. It’s also a great opportunity to find a mentor who can help you make significant progress with the right advice. Networking is not only an excellent way to strengthen your reputation and build a good rapport but also to find advocates who can vouch for you.


5. Ask Questions! – Be Inquisitive

Having clarity about your daily tasks is very crucial to foster your growth and make progress. The fear of feeling judged will only hold you back, hence keep the hesitation aside and ask away. Asking questions reflects the personality of a curious and confident person. Take this as an opportunity to learn more about your prospective job role to make the cut. Remember to frame the questions correctly and ask the right person for a problem-solving approach.

ask questions

6. Be A Problem-Solver

Before reporting any problem, try to find a solution to resolve issues on your own. Everybody appreciates a person who can help themselves and identify problems beforehand. Be your own manager, display a positive attitude towards new tasks, embrace responsibilities to outshine others and stand out as a start intern.

problem solving

7. Stay in close contact with your manager.

All your initiative can go for a waste if it is left unnoticed. Build a rapport with your supervisor to create an impression. It’s important to be compatible with your manager to be in sync with your responsibilities. The right way to do so is to request for feedback, stay in touch through emails or in person, get your accomplishments noticed and discuss your enthusiasm to work as a full-time employee.

internal networking

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