Employee Engagement in Goa

Goa Offsite: Celebrating 4 Years Of Headsup

The past two years have been particularly challenging for all organizations, including Headsup Corporation, as we sought to adjust to an online and subsequently hybrid mode of working. Amidst these testing times, the team has been steadfast and committed in their endeavor to give their best. As celebrations for the 4th anniversary of Headsup Corporation were underway, our founder Mr. Sumit Kumar surprised the team by planning an offsite in Goa from 7th to 10th April 2022.

Goan Adventures

Continuing their tradition of undertaking employee engagement activities through a visit to the beautiful coastal state of Goa, the team was more than excited to get this opportunity. Having interacted largely through their laptop screens and incessant emails, the team was looking forward to fraternizing offline with their colleagues. This trip provided a much-needed respite in these challenging pandemic years and put forth the focus on employee mental health. Our philosophy centers on the well-being of our employees and believes that happy employees are more productive and satisfied in their roles.

We kickstarted our plans in North Goa and engaged in a myriad of activities – frolicking at the beach, morning walks along the shore, swimming and poolside fun along with competitive card games. The hospitality at Taj had our entire team impressed, as they took a deep dive into exploring Goan cuisine and culture. Sun, sand, waves, and bottomless Pina Coladas – sum up our Goan adventures in a nutshell.

At Headsup, there is an emphasis on employee well-being and engagement, and we could not think of a better way to start our new financial year. Such team-building activities instilled a sense of togetherness and allowed for an opportunity for the team to rejuvenate. We also reflected collectively over the long and beautiful journey that Headsup has undergone in the last 4 years to reach where it is today and expressed gratitude for having been a part of that.

This offsite was crucial to revitalizing the team as we seek to head towards another productive year with our diligent team and founder!