Headsup Women’s Roundtable: Why ‘Whisper’ When You Can #SpeakTheUnSpoken!

With more than 50% of our workforce being women, Headsup takes pride in nurturing a work environment that is genuinely inclusive; an effort that is not for ‘ticking boxes’. This inclusivity is established, among many other things, through building a platform that enables and liberates the women of Headsup to talk about their experiences. 

We believe in taking a holistic approach to churning out stories lived by women, as women themselves get to talk about them. Narratives no longer belong to ‘his’ side of the story – as women join the conversation around topics that affect them. We want to break the concept of ‘spokesmanship’ – and cultivate a corporate setting where women are drivers and narrators of their own stories; stories that inspire and bring change. 

We are kickstarting the Headsup Women’s Roundtable by addressing stories around menstruation. Because, let’s face it – living in a country that expects its women to bleed blue – it is difficult to keep such conversations alive, especially in the workplace. 

From the very beginning of our social conditioning, conversations around menstruation have found themselves barely even lurking in the background. And this conditioning and the taboo it cements can find their way to the workplace as well. Menstruation and the discussion around it have regretfully been a hush-hush topic in both our personal and work domains –  owing to the age-old institutional prejudice and socio-cultural taboos.

But isn’t it time we initiated discourse on menstrual health, hygiene, and our own perceptions of it? Isn’t it time we change the narrative of how sensitive topics are tackled and information around them is disseminated at work? 

It is time. And we, at Headsup, want to lead this change. 

Stay tuned on Fridays to know the unknown as we #SpeakTheUnspoken!

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