How To Increase Employee Engagement During Holiday Season

Best Ways of Increase Employee Engagement During Holiday Season

The holiday hustle-bustle can leave employees in stress and hamper their productivity. The idea is to take advantage of the festive spirit and make it easier for them to maintain a work-life balance. An employer must understand that the holiday season can be very challenging for employees to cope up with the tough chilly weather, upcoming travel plans, family responsibilities and so on. These employee engagement activities and games will help you create a more comforting and motivating environment to keep them stress-free.

1. Celebrate The Season Of Giving With Secret Santa

A classic secret-gift exchanging Christmas game is ideal to help your staff bond better as every team member is involved. You can either allot each employee a coworker to give gifts to or if it’s a small firm, you can conduct a random draw-out session which includes chits with every employee’s name. But, the twist is the identity of the gift-giver should be kept a secret until the gift is opened. You can also make the game more interesting by letting them guess their “Secret Santa” instead of revealing the identity.

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2. Create A More-Flexible Work Environment

The stress during the holiday season is real – deadlines are already haunting every employee along with the pressure of balancing family and work amidst these celebrations. Be a caring employer by fostering a flexible working environment to boost their morale. Burdening them with rigid schedules will only negatively impact their performance. Hence, be more accommodating and understanding during the festive time to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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3. A Festive Atmosphere Can Do Wonders

With Christmas and New Year coming closer, make it an annual tradition to decorate your office and you will be surprised to witness the change in the atmosphere. It can also be an employee engagement activity which involves employee volunteers who would like to contribute in creating a festive atmosphere by putting up minimal decorations in the work place. A Christmas tree in the main hall, a few fairy lights around every corner and some holiday music is definitely a great way to start.

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4. Volunteer To Give Back To The Community

Organizing a donation drive is a great way to engage employees  to contribute back to our community. Experience the real joy of giving by helping the ones in need – volunteer to give away food to the hungry and clothes to the homeless ones so no one goes cold this winter. Canned food items can also be collected as donations from different teams. There can also be a reward for the team which donates the maximum number of items to help the unfortunate ones. It’s important to understand when all employees get together for a cause, it not creates a positive impact on society but also strengthens their bond.

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5. Host An Award Ceremony To Express Gratitude

Marking the end of the year with an award ceremony is a great way to foster employee recognition. Use it as an opportunity to express your appreciation for their hard work and loyalty towards the company. The awards don’t have to be target-based, they could as simple as “Most responsible one” or “The multitasker” within a team. The aim is to lift their spirits to perform better and boost their morale to enhance their productivity. It’s a perfect occasion to share company’s future goals and the milestones achieved in the current year to motivate them.

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6. Parties & Potlucks Never Get Old

An office party post-work or a potluck lunch is just what your employees need to unleash the burden this holiday season. It not only gives them an opportunity to mingle in a relaxed setting but also a break from their monotonous work schedule. It’s the best time to conduct employee engagement games to lighten the mood and foster friendships at work. A work culture that keeps its employees happy is already on its way to fuel success.

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We understand the increasing need to boost employee engagement. So, if you’re still struggling with it, contact us today , we’ll help you form a winning strategy.