Increase Hours

How to increase the hours in the day?

It should sound preposterous that hours in a day could be increased. There are only 24 hours in a day and it will remain so. Although that might be true, time remains relative and how to utilize those 24 hours in a matter that makes it as efficient as having 48 hours in a day.

There will always be distractions that are flighty and pass the time and might seem like you have less than 24 hours, don’t fall in that hole. Don’t be distracted by the shiny objects like Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. All of these are huge time consumers and may make your day go faster but might not be conducive to your productivity.

The best way to have a fruitful day at the workplace is to organize. The first order of business to create a time log. Assess yourself for a week and see which are your major activities and which are low on the priority list. Through this, you can create a to do list for every day and start by ticking off items in the list. It may seem like counterproductive to put time in a list when you could be working but it helps you do your tasks better.

A cluttered desk is the home of a cluttered mind, try to keep your workspace and your desktop tidy. Knowing where all of your data goes and can be easily accessed. This also applies to your mail box, have separate folders for common themes, helping reduce the confusion.

It is also important to take breaks and not multitask. Being a jack of all trades may work when it comes to skills but multitasking impedes your abilities to finish work faster. Try avoiding multitasking as much a possible. The breaks help in making sure that you are not burnt out before the day ends.

The whole process is very simple, create a to do list, prioritize your tasks, take regular breaks and try not to multitask. This will half your work. Remember plan, and always PLAN!

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