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In Conversation With Bisai Harikrishna About His HR Endeavors!

In a quest to know the trials and tribulations of Human Resources and everything in between, Headsup hosted a fruitful round of HR Speaks with Bisai Harikrishna, Tier 1 HR Services (HR Ops Rewards) – Analytics and Digital at GSK. He has a vast experience in the field of HR having started as a summer intern at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in April 2015. At present, he is a business partner at Lupin and Biocoin.

We started our conversation by wanting to know about the commencement of his journey as an HR professional. To this, he replied that as a graduate student in the field of science, he always read about business leaders in various industries and came to realize that most of them had one thing in common that is they all prioritized “people”.

This is why, Harikrishna added – 

“While finalizing on a PG program out of multiple options in hand, I went ahead with the PGDM program in HR & Marketing from the Integral Institute of Advanced Management (IIAM), Visakhapatnam.”

He mentioned how working at Dr. Reddy’s was a great start to his career, he told us that he handled his first full-time assignment in Talent Acquisition Support during his time there. 

One of the most difficult challenges as a professional is creating the perfect work-life balance. On asked about his secret to a work-life balance, he revealed that- 

 “I found the following technique helped me: The 8–8–8 rule. I have started following this rule and could tell the improvements right away. The 8–8–8 rule represents the 24 hours that we have each day. To achieve a balanced life, we need to split the 24 hours into three parts”

(8 hours of work, 8 hours of personal time, and 8 hours of sleep.)

He further explained that during work, he follows the 80/20 rule which tells us that 80% of the results come from 20% of activities. We should also learn how to measure effectiveness, remove time wasters and prepare a list of defined tasks every morning but most importantly, we should also learn how to say ‘no’. 

Talking about the biggest challenge Mr. Bisai has faced as an HR professional, he said –

“Young employees focus on growth and development compared to mere compensation. There must be ample opportunities for them to learn and grow in the industry. In the long run, this will also help in the scarcity of finding skilled talents for pharmaceutical companies. The older age group employees who are less tech-savvy must be given training and skill development opportunities to enhance their technological skills. It will help them stay engaged and motivated to apply new skills and improve productivity.”

He also believes that more challenges in the HR world are the development of technologies, scarcity of talent, competitive compensation, and employee retention.

Towards the end of our conversation, we asked him to share a personal story or any vivid experience that would inspire or motivate any fresher entering the HR Industry. He told us that as an HR Professional, it is very important to know the business because failure to do so may result in disengagement from the business realities. 

He also believes that “HR professionals should be technically updated and should constantly upgrade themselves from time to time. They should also work on simplification of processes, without losing control, with the right intervention of technology. Finally, the most important of all, they always take a positive approach.”

On this note, we culminated our fruitful conversation with Mr. Bisai Harikrishna. We hope you enjoyed reading this! Stay tuned for more upcoming stories about HR professionals who have made it in this world!

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