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Leader Of Choice: Jacqueline Carlyle From The Bold Type!

‘The Bold Type’ by Stan has brought forward the most refreshing fictional female boss character seen in a long time. Jacqueline Carlyle played by Melora Hardin hits every note of being the favorite boss of the era. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Scarlet Magazine in the series and gives the viewers some ultimate leadership lessons through her character. 




Opposite to the other female bosses we have come across, Jacqueline is supportive, strong and at the same time a leader everyone would wish to work for. She is kind, motivated, a leader who is pursuing her dream and at the same time is motivating her team to be their best selves. Some of the leadership lessons we have incorporated from this character are:

1. Be emotionally supportive:

The human element we all talk about, Jacqueline practices it. She clearly understands if they are going through any ups and downs and is not hesitant to ask them about it. While she respects their personal space, she also helps them out whenever she can. When managers are supportive of their employees, the latter develops a feeling of trust and loyalty for the organization and they become more productive, adding more valuable input to the company.


Emotional Support


2. Mentor and not manage:

Managers approaching their employees to coach them rather than manage them are more looked up to. The editor-in-chief, Jacqueline was always seen mentoring and advising her writers, journalists and assistants rather than assessing them. She takes them under her wing and works on their relationship, building a strong bond. 

Mentoring is extremely crucial to be a good leader. It creates a deep connection between the manager and the employees, far above the regular boss-employee relationship. This improves the work of the employees, bringing out a better side in them.




3. Don’t micromanage:

Jacqueline doesn’t believe in micro-managing her employees. She has given them enough freedom at work and is rarely seen intervening in their daily work life. She even allows her employees to take time off on workdays and relax because she knows they work hard when it’s required. This encourages the employees to perform to the best of their capabilities and enjoy the work.

4. Encourage and appreciate:

There are many instances in the show where Jacqueline is seen appreciating and encouraging her team for their work. The plot where Jane, her employee, receives an award for an article she wrote in collaboration with Jacqueline herself, shows how great a boss she is. Instead of suppressing her and appraising herself for the work, she steps down and applauds for Jane. 

There is no doubt that appreciation in the workplace plays an important role in leading employees to become better versions of themselves. It boosts their morale and makes them feel valued in the organization. 




5. Lead by example and fight for the right cause:

Many times, Jacqueline is seen standing up in front of the board members- bold and confident for the things she believes is right for her team and readers, setting an example for her employees. Thus leading by example.

As a boss lady, she encourages her employees to value the goals and values of the organization and stand up for them despite any hardship and this is quite a lesson every manager should enrich upon the employees. 


Lady Boss


Managers who possess qualities like the boss lady of Scarlet magazine are no doubt the managers who deliver exceptional results with the help of their determined and strong team. These are the managers whom the employees are most loyal to and are willing to work for. Employees perform the best working under such leadership. Most certainly every manager or leader would want that.

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