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Listen, Think, and Then Speak!

We all have heard this popular idiom ‘Think before you speak’. But before thinking, you need to listen properly. Listening is an indispensable aspect of the communication process. The process cannot take place until and unless a message is heard and retained thoroughly. Spoken words hold no meaning if they are not interpreted in a correct manner. Most of us make efforts to develop our writing and speaking skills, ignoring the know-how of ‘effective listening’. It is a quintessential aspect which needs patience. Effective listening is an art which we all need to master!

There’s a huge difference between hearing and listening. Hearing entails to just perceiving the sound, whereas, listening is an active process which involves understanding whatever you listen. In the business environment, communication is needed to accomplish business goals. Listening, apparently, is a crucial skill for every employee in an organization. A lot can be done smoothly and hassle-free if one learns the art of effective listening!

  • Listening makes us aware of our surroundings and happenings. It aids our learning process as we gain knowledge and increases our self-awareness.
  • Listening helps to critically filter out messages and enhances judgmental power; therefore, easing our decision-making process.
  • The speaker will feel acknowledged and recognized because of effective listening. This helps in building connections with clients and customers.
  • Listening helps in uncovering opportunities that can lead to expansions or the creation of a new vertical.
  • People feel valued when they are paid attention to, hence they respect the listener. This helps in maintaining organizational interpersonal relationships internally and externally.

It has been proved that by listening effectively, the quality of the process of communication enhances. It encourages healthy relations and an optimistic attitude. There’s an increase in trust, reduction in strife, and a better understanding of people and situations.

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