Power of empathy in Leadership during Crisis Time

Work from home and work of home have enveloped our lives completely. The lines between them have been blurred already and there seems to be no end to this act of juggling between roles. You are lucky if you have a room all to yourself and a stable Wi-Fi, which doesn’t stop when an important meeting has to start!

The present responsibilities of everyone have been augmented by the ambiguous situation across the globe. More so on the leaders when the climate is changing as ever. We perceive the success or failure of an organization to be in the hands of the leader. As a leader, you are ‘expected’ to steer the ship in the right direction; but what can they do when the waves have no rhythm? Everyone is looking up to you and expecting some wonders which will change the course of business for good! This pressure of how to not just conduct yourself but everyone around can be enormous.

Napoleon rightly said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.”

So, here are six ways that you as a leader can strengthen the system!

1. Improve, not follow: This is not the time to follow the system. Rather, you have the moment to improve the system. Be it policies, rules, SOPs, get everyone around and brainstorm on how the system can be improved, so that everyone grows together in sync.

adapting new policies during covid

2. Catching Right: Avoid catching the wrong, instead catch the right; the power of appreciation is very strong. It can boost the morale of not just that one person, but his colleagues too. Use sentences like “You did a splendid work!”, “Thank you so much for helping me.” It will inspire them to perform better.


appreciating your employees

Cheerful leader motivating his business team. Handsome young politician telling his plan and showing fist as symbol of power. Positive business people standing in background. Strong company concept

3. People vs Procedure: Remember, people make procedures. So, focus on People Management instead of Procedures Management. Your colleagues/employees need to feel secure and empowered, and only then they can give their best. Step up the game for middle managers and delegate decision-making powers onto them. Ask them questions like, “What is your opinion on this?”, or “How do you think we should do this?”. This will instill a sense of ownership in them and you might find a new leader within the system!


people management

Business team working on new strategy. Four young employees studying analytics at meeting table. Marketing and teamwork concept

4. Building blocks: You need to build a commitment amongst everyone for action and innovation. Now is the time to unleash the potential your company has within, that is, the power and potential of its people. Give them the platform to make mistakes, only then they will be able to come up with new ideas and thoughts.

innovating during covid crisis

5. Ask and listen: It is easy to hear but you need to walk an extra step and listen to their fears, expectations, and anxieties. Ask questions like, “How was your day?”, “What can we do to improve your work-life balance?”. People really start talking when they feel that someone is listening and taking steps to improve the situation.

helping employees during covid

6. Persuasive patience: Uncertain times have no certain outcomes. Be patient not just with the external factors but also internal; everyone is sailing in the same boat. Try to capitalize on the strengths of the team. You might not have control over the outcomes, but you can surely empower and inspire people to infuse trust and performance.


Successful leaders move beyond techniques and skills; they use imagination and passion. They can persuade people to perform better and educate them on what is better for society. Leaders understand that life is not all reason or logic or emotions; it is a sweet balance of all these three ingredients. They keep their minds open and they hear what we leave unheard!