Recruiting Gen Z

Recruiting Gen Z? Abandon These 5 Myths For A Healthy Hiring Process!

It is the age of memes and if there is one thing that memes have solidified are infamous myths about Gen Z! If you are a recruiter or leader, now is the time when you must be flooded with an influx of Generation Z candidates, and it goes without saying, that there are some pre-conceived stereotypes that you must forget before starting the hiring process! 

There are plenty of myths out there regarding Gen Z that give out a negative image about the generation. But, the good news is that they are all untrue – so, you are actually going to recruit the most creative, innovative, and ingenious people out there – who will only help your company grow. 

So, here are 5 misconceptions about Gen Z that every recruiter should abandon..right away! 

1. They Are Job-Hoppers!

Fact: They are super loyal. 

It is common to leverage a stereotype from one generation to another. Millennials were job hoppers for a valid reason – they were the ones facing multiple recessions and hence, looked for better income opportunities constantly. 

It is unfair to pass on the same stereotype to Gen Z. They are not job-hoppers. In fact, with so many options available in the market, they are more loyal than anyone – provided, that you give them a good salary, an inclusive and healthy work environment, and the option to create a positive impact on society as an employee. 

Gen Z, by their very nature, respects the time and boundaries of a company, and if you can guarantee them personal and professional growth, they will stay longer! 

2. They Are Completely Digitalized! 

Yes, Gen Z is the first to be so immersed in technology and the internet, but it is a myth that they need every process of work to be in a digital format. In fact, there are studies that show that Gen Z actually prefers face-to-face communication at work over formal phone calls. 

They happen to enjoy all non-virtual activities and terrace parties and Secret Santas as much as a Millennial would do. Because of the kind of sensitive upbringing that this generation has on the internet, they are the ones to most appreciate social gatherings and events, that build strong human relations. 

3. They Are Arrogant! 

It is often misconstrued that Gen Z is just a club of know-it-alls who are arrogant and vain. But, for a generation that is so well-informed in real-time and is vocal about sensitive issues, they are bound to be smart and confident. Gen Z defies conventional ideas of being and always speak their own mind. Such qualities make them well-suited for leadership positions and they prove to be good and cordial employees. 

4. They All Want To Freelance! 

The gig economy is rising at an exponential pace, and there are more and more people who have a proclivity to work on their schedules and control their time and effort. But it is wrong to assume that all people of generation Z want the same. 

There are so many Gen Z people who seek jobs directly after college because they are looking for the usual corporate benefits of health security and stable pay. Gen Z is an ingenious generation that is constantly looking for avenues for growth, and if they can be guaranteed that in your office, then they will choose full-time roles over freelance any day! 

5. They Are Immature! 

This myth would not be floating around if we all had the basic courtesy of respect for every adult – no matter how young they are. There is no doubt that Gen Z is impulsive and spontaneous, but this does not imply that they are naive or immature. Rather, the takeaway here should be that they are risk-takers and would never hesitate to do what is best for the company, especially during uncertain times such as now. 

Gen Z is a hyper-focused generation that cares sincerely about productivity levels and respecting a company’s time. They are actually a lot more aware of social issues, and would rather bring a lot of integrity and maturity to the table. 


If you are recruiting soon from a younger generation, it is most likely you will come across candidates from Gen Z. So, don’t forget to abandon these 5 misconceptions about Gen Z! 

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