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Recruitment Solutions for Fintech Industry

Revolutionizing the financial industry, the fintech industry is expanding at the speed of light. Standing at 59% India is the second-highest user of fintech products worldwide, courtesy the overnight demonetization drive of 2016. Companies like Paytm, PhonePe, MobiKwik, PolicyBazaar, Freecharge are some of the top fintech startups in the country whose apps sit comfortably in most of our smartphones.

However, the crisis of scarce talents in the job market requires fast mitigation for its further growth and success. This article, therefore, explores the technological advancements in the field and simultaneously the professionals in demand for their effective implementation.   

 With Great Convenience Comes Great Responsibility

Banks, business clients, small enterprises, and general consumers are the four main types of fintech product users. And, as its solution is faster, safer, and better monetary transactions, the fintech industry carries the huge responsibility of providing data security as the primary essential element and USP of any of its app. The technological advancements that have and will in the future govern the fate of fintech solutions and require specific skill up-gradation are:

Mobile Banking (BaaP – Banking as a Platform)

  1. AI (artificial intelligence)
  2. Machine learning
  3. IoT
  4. Blockchain
  5. Big Data
  6. Biometrics
  7. APIs
  8. Regtech (regulation technology)
  9. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Top 5 In-Demand Professionals for the Fintech Industry

1. Data Scientists:

Through its varied job responsibilities of fraud detection, risk management, compliance, customer segmentation, etc, expert data scientists are necessary for fintech firms to ensure secured online transactions and usage.

data scientists

Skill Requirements:

  • Bachelors in IT, Computer Science, Maths, Physics or related field
  • Knowledge on ML, AI, and Deep Learning
  • Familiarity with data science toolkits like Python, Weka, R, Matlab
  • Learning in data visualization tools like D3.js and ggplot
  • Query language proficiency
  • Expertise in NoSQL databases
  • Applied statistical skill in distribution, testing, regression analysis
  • Masters in the subject of data is valued

2. Blockchain Experts

Expansion of the cryptocurrency industry, inflated digital currency value, and the scarcity of blockchain experts in the market have resulted in its ever-growing demand in the fintech industry. The technology of blockchain allows single, shared, consensus, or ledger-based system of transactions which, in turn, eases global lending, trading, moving, and regaining of money simultaneously offering data security.


Skill Requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge of blockchain architecture and function
  • Detailed understanding of data structures
  • Excellent grasp on cryptography
  • Smart contract development know-how
  • Expert in both frontend and backend web development

3. Cyber-security Specialists

Hiring cyber-security specialists is a must-do for fintech companies not only to safeguard clients’ and consumers’ assets and data but their own interests. This has further been emphasized as estimations of NASSCOM indicate that India will require about 1 million cyber-security specialists by this year.

cyber security

Skill Requirements:

  • Bachelors degree in cyber-security
  • Skilled in Incident Investigation and Response Ability
  • Understanding of GRC (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance)
  • Good grasp in Digital Communication Technologies
  • Skilled in Encryption Methods
  • Trained in security operations management and virtualization
  • In-depth knowledge on data administration and management
  • Communication skills

4. Programmers

Websites or apps, fintech products, and services require the expertise of coders and programmers. They develop the front-end, back-end, APIs and KPIs of new products and services. High-end software engineers are always on demand to build full-stack platforms, agile websites, and innovative mobile applications pertaining to Fintech solutions.


 Skill Requirements:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, C++, SQL, Python, and C#
  • Expertise in developing API (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Mathematical or quantitative know-how
  • Well adept in logical thinking and reasoning

5. Risk Control Managers

The fintech industry is often susceptible to risks of exposure, investments, and legal compliance. This is why hiring risk control managers are essential for the industry. As the name of the job role suggests the responsibility of risk control managers includes analysis of risks followed by its mitigation or prevention through ideation and adoption of deft strategies.


risk control managers

Skill requirements

  • Expertise in economic and risk data analysis
  • Knowledge on risk adjusted pricing and capital management
  • Proficiency in risk appetite assessment
  • Understanding of compliance management
  • Ability to conduct stress-testing
  • Command over portfolio management
  • Well adept in KYC (know your customer) and client relationship management
  • Excellent grasp on financial crime and business model analysis, and anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Bachelors Degree in finance, statistics, or risk management
  • 4 year degree in economics or business administration

How Headsup Assists in Recruitment for Fintech Companies?

A robust combination of expertise, excellence, and experience along with a flair for analytical research, strategy, and implementation makes Headsup Corporation a strong recruitment agency. Catering to multiple fintech companies, big and small, it not only has knowledge of the professionals required but understands the demand and supply imbalance in the job market, and the need for effective utilization of time for faster quality hiring.  

Promising on-time end-to-end quality recruitment assistance to fintech companies, Headsup offers:

  • Customizable and highly affordable packages
  • Expert assistance, guidance, and strategy
  • Conduct keyword optimized search
  • Detailed screening and interview process
  • Maintain regular client and candidate follow-ups
  • Employer branding services via digital media marketing tools and platforms

Startup or seasoned fintech organization, if you are in need of professionals we, at Headsup, are ever-ready to keep you a step ahead and find you the best talent.

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