Rewarding love and gifting happiness: Valentines day at Headsup Corporation.

Valentine’s day is more than romance. It is also about appreciation, respect, and praise. It’s the perfect occasion to share love within your office space, among your people. Everyone will say that they work for money, which is true to some extent. But the biggest motivational factor for any human being is ‘love’. If the person is respected and loved, his desire to work for the company  automatically increases multi-fold. Engaged employees impact bottom-line the most! Ergo, we, Headsup Corporation, used this lovely holiday to offer our profound acknowledgement and appreciation!

Headsup Corporation shared love in these ways:

We conducted a fun-filled session of ‘Employee Awards’ wherein employees participated in games and trivia. The office space was decorated with balloons and frills. Ambience which pleases the eye makes everyone happy and out priority is to make the office space a happy place!

Handwritten personalised cards were given to employees. These small acts of love leave deep-rooted impressions.
Lunch was organised – everyone sat together, ate, and stories were shared. As the saying goes, good food and good company is happiness!

We had a chocolate counter. Employees gave chocolates to employees from other department, with whom they don’t work directly. This way, they got to interact with people other than their own team members.

Mental health is very important. You need to ensure that your people are happy and content. The professional growth is proportional to personal growth and Headsup Corporation makes sure this is happening. We try to make people feel great about their work and themselves. We tell them how much we care for them and appreciate their hard-work! This doesn’t need any day or occasion. You can celebrate love anytime!
Here’s a glimpse of the love-day and our people!

gift rewards

Human resource management concept by hand putting wood cube block leader on top pyramid.


Hand putting wood cube block on top pyramid for leadership concept

Human resource management concept by hand putting wood cube block leader on top pyramid.

Rewards employee rewards

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