Sharad Verma

Something as small as 80 to 120 nm can change the world”: A Sneak Peek Into Mr. Sharad Verma’s Journey As An HR Professional

We recently dived deep into Mr. Sharad Verma’s journey as an HR professional to grasp an insight into the recent challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the new priorities he will be focusing on to keep up with the HR industry.

Starting with key lessons he’d like to pass on the future of HR, he said, “The one appeal I have for every HR professional is to think about and experiment with making work a better place to be. Organizations have a tremendous responsibility towards society, climate, and governments. This is not to be taken lightly, and HR can hold organizations responsible to do so by designing systems that work towards this goal”.

We also asked him about the HR trends he would be looking forward to in the next year to which his answer was: “Organizations are still trying to figure the sweet spot when it comes to flexibility, especially where it pertains to collaboration and innovation. Employee requests to work from anywhere in the world and different industries offering different viewpoints make it much harder. The biggest question that looms above our head is what will work look like after COVID (if and when that happens)”.

His key priority remains to be: “Getting the flexible remote working right or as close to right as we can via small-scale experiments and hypothesis validation is without a doubt my top priority this year”.

Moving forward we spoke about his learning during these unprecedented times, we do agree with his statement that “Something as small as 80 to 120 nm can change the world” and Organizations need to lean on HR in unpredictable situations while simultaneously figure out the art of dealing with lack of control over situations and letting things run their due course”.

Talking about the metrics that we can use to message success in the HR industry, Mr. Sharad mentioned “Retention” being one good indicator and also a great lag/output metric. He also said, “We need to figure which are the 100 other metrics that serve as good input metrics”.

Stay tuned for more such insights and stories shared by some of the leading HR professionals who are setting trends in the industry every day.

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