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Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends To Grasp In 2020

Employee engagement can be used as a powerful tool to retain your workforce, improve work quality while increasing productivity and attract the best talent. No organization can reap success in the long run with disengaged employees. Hence it is important to consistently work on implementing a strong culture with high levels of employee engagement. Leverage these top trends to create an engaging workforce in 2020 by keeping up with technology, lifestyles and changing dynamics.

1. Redefine Job Perks Keeping Millennials and Gen-Z In Mind

Every organization needs to keep up with the Millennial and Gen-Z centric job perks and benefits as they prefer a workplace which keeps them motivated throughout. At Headsup Corporation, we have a “Me-Time” policy which allows employees to engage in an activity of their choice for some time once in a week. Moreover, Japanese companies also encourage taking power-naps at work due to long working hours.

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2. Advance Training Sessions With Gamification

Pay heed to technological intervention, introduce gamification in your training programs for effective and fun learning. Game-based learning programs can fuel employees’ productivity , encourage fair-competition and collaboration. You can also include interactive games to improve candidate experiences. For example, Toyota used a mixed-reality gaming app to test candidates through code-breaking puzzles.

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3. A Remote Working System In Place

Rigid working hours with no flexibility can hamper an employee’s productivity and morale. This year is all about introducing flexibility at workplace by hiring remote workers and providing employees with a “Work From Home” option as well. Allow them to work remotely – from their home, cafes or co-working spaces.


4. Invest In Internal Podcasts

Millennials and Gen Z employees are hooked to their mobile-phones and earplugs, taking advantage of that it’s a great idea to include internal podcasts for workplace communication with remote workers or groups. They can be used to introduce new policies and procedures, audio training sessions, employee success stories, newsletters and making important announcements.

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5. Promote Wellness At Work

A company that cares about its employees has successfully achieved their loyalty and the attention of job aspirants as well. Witness a remarkable change in productivity by fostering a healthy work culture which fosters the personal and professional growth of every member and also attracts the best talent. There are several ways to create awareness about health and mental-being at workplace by:

– Offering health benefits to your employees

– Organizing in-house workshops centered about wellness (Bootcamps, Yoga Workshops, Group Workouts)

– Including EAP (Employee Assistance Program) in your organization to empower your team’s well-being and reduce absenteeism

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