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What do Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones and every HR professional have in common?

In the family of the ruler of the seven kingdoms, aka the Lannisters, was born a legend who outwitted his way among the wilful warriors. He not only sneaked his way to end the reign of Lannisters but also surpassed the throne to Starks. He is none other than the Tyrion Lannister.

Just like him, there are often some characters in our day to day life that are under-shadowed by the light of others. In a company or an organization, there is always an outperforming employee who is an enthusiast or a very understanding boss who leads everyone together. Midst all of this, there is one more person most often underrated and not valued as much  the HR professional.

HR Teams: The one who knows things

There is a myth among people that HR teams don’t have an active contribution to the industry or simply, they are paid for doing nothing. But that is not true or else why they would have been hired in the first place? They play the most crucial role. Their ability to drive change, manage talent, and create business impact through people decisions are either taken for granted or well, in some cases, not utilized up to their potential.

HR teams help you get the right talent, then help you build strategies to drive their performance, keep them engaged, and manage people and work efficiently. In recent years, just like Tyrion, the importance of HR professionals have been realized across the globe. Especially, in times of crisis, like the pandemic, when people and their well-being became extremely crucial, the HR professionals emerged as super humans.

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Never underestimate the ability of HR professionals to  make relevant decisions

Not everyone is supposed to be a ruler, yet they are capable enough to make a difference.

Tyrion was never the heir to the throne. But, this didn’t stop him to be one of the strongest characters in the legacy. People who often take a back seat are underestimated. They are supposed to play a ‘supporting role’ in the protagonist’s life. But, if you take a deep insight of the story, you would come to know that they are the one who has strings to everyone. These strings are a deal-breaker for any organization because their entire system runs on the connection they have with their fellow employees.

Thus, even if the role of an HR manager may not sound very active, yet it is very crucial for any company. That’s why, understanding this same analogy, many organizations are actively recruiting HR managers at a very good – high paid salary.

According to statistics, the demand for this job role is likely to increase in the upcoming years. This is so because; many people are inclining towards running their consultancies and start-ups. Hence, these business owners will need someone who could mediate the goals to the employees for which HR manager is a perfect choice. It is high time, HR professionals get the respect, they have earned.

Remember to appreciate your HR team today.

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