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Worried About Employer Branding On Career Sites? These 6 Tips Will Save The Day!

Over the past year, employer branding has faced some serious challenges because of the massive lay-off they have had to do due to the pandemic. While the situation is improving bit by bit and employees are back on track, looking for jobs, companies need to work on their employee branding on career sites.

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How your company looks on career sites is important to attract the right talent. You can no longer work with just the company’s image while your page is dull and unattractive. So, as you get started to revamp your hiring process, consider the following 6 tips to hone your employer branding on career sites!

1. Use Your Branding Elements

In this time and age, the audio-visual medium is the most effective way to send any message across. If you want potential candidates to know that you are creative, authentic, and informed about relevant happenings in the world – then you have to employ your branding elements on the career sites.

Employ attractive visual elements along with genuine content to make your brand stand out. Instead of using stock images from the internet, use your own company photos and videos or opt for aesthetic graphics to strengthen your brand image. Anyone who lands on your page should be impressed by the overall structure and content of the page. This will make your company seem more credible and reliable.
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2. Be Consistent Across All Social Channels

Consistency is the key to engaging an audience and developing a reputation. Your messaging must be consistent across all platforms and address a wide range of prospect concerns about potential employers, whether you are talking about a product or a service.

Your brand image on career sites should reflect your company’s culture, loyalty to employees, and value to the greater community. It should replicate your company’s energy and what you stand for.

If you want candidates to think you are authentic, then have your recruiters, marketers, and executives and hiring managers be consistent in their approach to promoting the company’s belief system and values.

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3. Highlight HR Success Stories

You can use your LinkedIn page to showcase innovative HR practices and stories. People love to know stories where a company’s initiatives and efforts make a difference to society or individual life. This will attract talent and polish your employee branding on career sites by giving an image that your company is responsible and actually takes action.

hr success stories

4. Use Your Employees’ Testimonies

When a candidate sees an employee of the company speak about their experience, that creates a positive perception because it is easy to distinguish between manufactured emotions from genuine ones.

Employees within the company can make videos about their overall experience or a particular one that will give talents a sneak peek into the corporate culture of the office. This will also be a good team-building exercise for your existing employees as they will get to be a part of the social community and contribute to the growth of the company on career sites. Employees can also share stories of how the company helped society through its initiatives, or how cool the workspace is, or how the policies guarantee inclusivity and non-discriminatory practices.

Employees testimonies


5. Communicate Your Company Culture

Your page on career sites such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn is more than just an official account – they are a portal through which people can have a quick look into what builds your company. Give a glimpse to the potential employee of what it would be like to work for the company. You can do so by posting videos of gatherings or the staff enjoying a festival at the office. You can also post blogs on the page that can contain a story by an ex-employee or current talking about the work culture and values.

There are also be polls or fun games on the page that can reflect where the company stands on current issues or any topic in general.


6. Identify And Validate An Employer Value Proposition

The success of your employer brand hinges on knowing your employer value proposition and how to use it as a recruitment tool. Engage current employees for input on how the organization’s activities are advancing the value proposition’s aims and where the company can improve. Engage them in the dialogue and take action to demonstrate that you’re paying attention to their concerns. Once you’ve done that, engage people in discussions about problems that are relevant to them on job sites.



These 6 tips to hone your employer branding on career sites can take you a long way and prove helpful in building a successful brand image for potential talents.