Anusree Nair, HR White Rabbit Group Inc

“You are Here Because You Love People and the Job”: In Conversation With HR Anusree Nair

  “Never give up on the fire in you, however strong the wind is.”

We recently had a fulfilling discussion with Anusree Nair, HR White Rabbit Group Inc, about her journey as a professional. In conversation with us, she unfolded several nuances that prompted her to reach out for the post she holds today. The journey is just as fascinating as the charismatic HR herself.

As she mentioned, she initially started her journey as a marketer and, after a successful run for about 2 years, opted to try NGOs. Her motivation throughout this switch was to fulfill her long-lost dream and do her bit in the NGO. There, she found herself drawn toward Human Resources, and when the right time came, she made a switch back to the corporate with a new designation.

We further enquired about her motivation behind three different roles and how she accomplished them. She answered that she made this work a part of her life. She mentions – 

“I enjoy what I do, and it is part of my life.” 

Anusree is a motivated HR expert who plans her days with proper schedules for everything. She is focused when she works but manages to find time to explore different places and try other food on weekends.

Headsup also learned about the challenges she has faced in her career to become the seasoned HR manager she is right now. The journey has been full of learning experiences for her. She learned about recruitment, payroll, facility, and operations, but personal management is where she found her true work soulmate. Anusree says – 

“Keeping people 100% happy, which is literally impossible, but I try to give my best shot.”

Like any other professional pandemic has made her tough and resilient in many things. Initially, she was lost due to a totally unprecedented situation, but she taught herself how to connect with people and excel at HR management. While talking about her job in general, she also breaks the myth about an HR job. It is a widespread misconception that the job is an all-play, no-sweat job. She disagrees with the notion and discusses how it’s a skill that you can’t learn or train yourself in. The only way to be great at what you do is to love your job.

Anshree Nair is an exemplary professional for all go-getters who want to make it big. She urges people to go into unchartered territories, take risks and never let the fire inside them die out. Only through this fierceness and motivation can you achieve great things in life.

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