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5 Business Ideas to Make You Rich with ZERO Investment

Working 9-5 is not everybody’s cup of tea and we totally understand but it’s important to sustain a living too. Now you can easily convert your hobby, skill or passion into a profitable innovation. Starting a business might seem like an impossible idea with no investments, to begin with. Hence, we have curated a list of TOP 5 Business Ideas which you can execute with ZERO monetary funds.

1. Social Media Consultant

If you know what it takes to increase a business’s organic traffic on social media, then we’ve found the right business idea for you. Every organization is trying to pave their path to be successful on these top networking platforms. Use this as an opportunity by becoming a consultant with your expertise. Provide them with strategic solutions based on their requirements. The trends keep changing, so make sure you’re gathering enough knowledge to keep up with the competitors.


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2. Become A Blogger

Got a special talent? Capture it now to earn money through blogging/vlogging. You can pick from a range of diverse categories, like Travel, Fashion, Food, DIY, Cooking, Fitness and so on. All you need is your mobile phone, to begin with, let your passion help you become successful. Tie up with brands which are relevant to your niche and promote them on social media platforms to begin earning.


3. Providing Editorial Services

You can easily put your creative writing and proofreading skills to use by providing editorial services to all kinds of businesses as the client base is enormous here. The options are endless, educate yourself well and sell services like Ghostwriting, SEO writing, Web Content Writing, Copywriting, editing and so on. Run a successful small business  as this idea a huge potential to get you going for a long term.

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4. Graphic Designing

The need for graphic designers is never-ending and if you have a knack for creating designs as well then starting a freelance business should not be a problem here. Every company needs a website design, a logo, social media graphics and the requirement never really ends. Partner with brands, cater to their design requirements to get your pocket full. You can also use Canva – it’s a free software and provides a great number of features for a fresh beginning and eventually, you can move on to Adobe Photoshop.

graphic designing

5. Affiliate Marketing

It’s one of the simplest business models you can take up today – Connect with brands to sell their services/products through your affiliate website or create your own link to get a commission for every purchase made. You can begin with finding products to sell on Clickbank and ShareASale.

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