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6 Secret Ingredients To Get The Promotion You Deserve

Been trying too hard to get that promotion and still feeling stuck?

Just meeting expectations is not the right way to go about it. It’s high time to leave your comfort zone at home and fast track your way to promotion. Stretch your horizon of knowledge, focus, and hard work with an inquisitive attitude to stand out like an achiever. Add these 6 secret ingredients in your check list to get that promotion you deserve:

1. A Roadmap To Set Your Goals

Your first step to carve your path towards your promotion begins with creating your road map with professional career goals. We highly recommend, discussing your goals with your boss before you start working on them. Make a point to achieve those goals on time and also seek help from your managers to stay aligned with their expectations.

goal setting

2. Some Team Player Motivation

Remember it’s not just about your work ethic and goals. Becoming a team player is a crucial aspect managers look for when considering an employee for a promotion. Be a helping hand for your co-workers to yield more benefits for the company. Volunteer for extra responsibilities in your free time.

team player motivation

3. A Pinch Of New Skills

It is very crucial to step out of your rigid schedule and make time to learn new skills. Make it a habit of continuously improving, expanding your knowledge and inculcating varied skill sets which are essential for your professional growth. Develop new areas of expertise to make a remarkable difference in your performance.


skill enhancement

4. A Portfolio Documented With Achievements

Words fail when there is no documentation to prove your hard work. Getting straight to business begins with building a portfolio to reflect your performance in the best way possible. If you’ve completed a project successfully or exceeded your targets, document it. It reflects your commitment to the company and validates your success. P.S – Document your work at every step!


document your acheivements

5. A Bucket Of Leadership Skills

Highlight your leadership qualities  in your daily tasks and projects to get the attention of your managers. Being a leader comes with the responsibility of becoming a role model for other employees. Hence, attain new skills, act as a team player, help the others improve their performance while setting an example for the rest.


leadership skills

6. Attention From Your Managers – Get Noticed!

Wearing an invisibility cloak and getting work done will not help you get promoted. The process requires constant communication with your managers. You may be doing incredible work at the organization but letting it go unnoticed is a big mistake. Make sure you keep your managers updated and consistently ask for feedback. Let them know you’re seeking for bigger opportunities and carving a career path for a long term in the organization. Don’t forget networking with other managers and colleagues to be in the good books.


managerial feedback

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