reskilling workforce

Re-skilling and Retraining the Workforce

Learning and Development plays a major role for an organization to grow and scale up. It is part of performance appraisal and managers are required to state the training needs of their employees. The world which is fast changing and rapidly being ambiguous, it is necessary for the organization to keep revamping themselves.

According to McKinsey Global, Sixty-two percent of executives believe they will need to retrain or replace more than a quarter of their workforce between now and 2023 due to advancing automation and digitization. There is no way around this new surge of technology and those failing to adapt may find themselves in the dilemma of finding a new vocation or even retain the one they are in.

All is not lost though, companies are increasingly looking at training their staff and making sure that they are up to date with the new changes. One of the biggest changes that has taken place is gamification of training. Interactive ways to make the learning and development process personalized and memorable to the participants. It is also about creating training modules that address issues that are beyond the job responsibilities.

From business communication to stress management, innovative topics are coming in the learning and development for overall development of the individual. It ties neatly with career progression path and create realistic paths for employee’s development.

Understanding skill and competency gap of individuals and bridging these gaps so that individuals are ready to take on additional responsibilities within the organization. It is up to the organization to create strategies for learning and development that not only help the organization in the short run but also in the long run.