Top 5 LinkedIn Etiquette Tips To Build A Professional Network

Take your networking skills to the next level by keeping up with LinkedIn Etiquette Tips to build a professional network that fosters your growth and unlocks multiple new opportunities for you. Talking about networking, it’s not just a limited between job seeker and a recruiter, it further extends to imitating communication between a company owner and a firm which provides HR services and solutions – The list goes on. Here are few ways to begin with to have a great kick start:

1.Stick To Being Professional

While other networking platforms might have a casual feel to it, LinkedIn means all business. Approach individuals with professionalism and respect when you’re trying to network. Represent yourself in the most sophisticated and polite way possible in order to represent professionalism. This approach is not limited to messages that you drop in an individual’s LinkedIn inbox but also when keep the content you post and share as professional as possible even your responses and comments within your network should represent a formal tone.

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2.Keep It Real

Recruiters are looking for aspirants who bring culture to your organization. Represent the real you so the employers can get a fair idea of your personality as they are not just looking for an individual with a specific skill set rather a candidate who is true to himself/herself. Keep your interactions on LinkedIn authentic and professional so as to build a positive impression. Share meaningful content, update customized content in your ‘about me’ section to represent your authentic self.


3.Keep Up With Your Network

When you’re job hunting or even engaging with your network on LinkedIn it’s important to put the effort into following up as it helps you build a professional relationship if you don’t get selected for the role. Don’t just focus on updating your cv or interview questions, pay heed to take feedback but again don’t spam a person’s inbox with multiple emails asking for feedback. Feedback can help you grow and realize your strengths and weaknesses in detail. You might think it a waste of time, but it’s the best way to stay connected, who knows later in time somebody has an opportunity lined up for you.


4.Keep Your Approach Less Direct & More Subtle

Treat every interaction as important as meeting a certain individual (Hiring manager) in person. In case of job hunting, do not directly ask for a job in your very first conversation. Break the ice by introducing yourself first in order to build a rapport with them. It’s not always necessary to drop a message in their inbox, you can always network through engaging on their content with meaning insights or congratulating them on their recent milestones.


5.Power Of Referral

While you introduce yourself and form connections, utilize this time to build a larger network. Become a business matchmaker, introduce your connections to others as well when needed. If a recruiter in your network is looking for a specific candidate and you have somebody in mind who would fit the profile then feel free to introduce them to each other. This in return gives you a great opportunity to nurture meaningful professional relationships on LinkedIn with not just top recruiters but also best HR consultancy firms in Delhi-NCR.

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