Why SMEs in India Need HR Operations Services

Why SMEs in India Need HR Operations Services

According to research, the majority of SMEs in India fail within 5 years of operation which leads to an understanding that the root cause of the problem could be the absence of effective HR Operations in place. We understand how small business owners are always hell-bent on cutting costs and neglect the HR department completely – Here’s exactly where they go wrong, HR operations services play a vital role in employer branding, database management, supervising day to day tasks, handling employee relations and the list goes on. Here are 5 ways to understand how outsourcing HR operations services can help SMEs in India:

1.For Backend Support In Recruitment & Induction Management

It’s a tedious task for business owners to focus on both organizational goals and hiring together, Outsource HR operations management services  to ensure the right candidates are hired for smooth business operations. Their responsibilities include data entry, paper-work, reviewing applications, conducting background checks, offering induction seminars/orientation to new employees while explaining them policies and procedures related to paid leaves, attendance, dress code, calling in sick, etc.


2.To Focus On Long-Term Goals Instead Of Administrative Work

The issue with small businesses comes with multi-tasking, administrative work can really take a toll on them while drifting their focus from important tasks. One business owner can surely not perform these tasks on his/her own. Having a team to take care of administrative work and carry out processes with ease can lead to the healthy functioning of an organization. Let the HR operations team administrate the payroll, prepare contracts/ appointment letters, maintain employee database, prepare documents such as non-disclosure agreements and SOP manuals.

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3.To Enhance Training & Development For Employees

Small firms often tend to neglect giving adequate time to the training, development, and professional growth of their employees. With the HR operations team in place, one can focus on upskilling their employees so they can grow to their fullest potential. The responsibilities they will cover for SMEs include researching training opportunities, selecting and providing mentors, surveying staff for potential training opportunities, training employees to achieve both long and short term goals.


4.For Managing Employee Relations And Concerns

With so much work on the plate and an ongoing pandemic endangering the economy, SMEs often tend to divert from paying attention to employee relations and concerns. Hence that’s where HR operations come in to play for creating a positive work environment for employees. They bridge the gap between management and employees, which include handling employee complaints, organizing employee outings, awards, and ceremonies.


5.For Risk & Safety Management

Be it SMEs or a big firm, every working environment should be secure to obtain the trust of your employees. The HR operations segment will ensure that there are constant assessments of workplace risks. They mitigate risks while working alongside with government representatives to implement health and safety in the workplace.

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