how to prepare for a remote job interview

5 Tips To Prepare and Ace Your Remote Job Interview

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the majority of the companies have started conducting remote job interviews and we understand that not each one of us is prepared for the same. It’s high time we adapt to it and prepare ourselves to make the best impression while giving an interview like a pro. Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you through the process, right from preparing you for tough questions to helping you stand out virtually:

1. Find The Perfect Spot

Choose your spot wisely which is a distraction-free zone, where you won’t be interrupted – you surely don’t want any random sounds to interrupt you in the middle of your interview. Keep your background less clustered and more businesslike – as it adds up to making an impression. It also helps you get in the proper mindset, once you’re done make sure you test your equipment (microphone/webcam/laptop battery/phone’s batter) and make adjustments if necessary.


2. Make Sure You Dress The Part

We highly recommend dressing appropriately for your interview, even if it’s a phone interview, you never know when they might want to switch to a video. As weird as it might feel, you should opt for the same type of outfit you would wear if it was an in-person interview. It not only creates a positive first impression but also puts you in the “interview” mindset. Also, ensure your hair is brushed and you don’t look tired or exhausted – so sleep well a night before.

dressing appropriately for your interview

3. Stand Out Even Virtually

We agree that presenting your personality and communicating your best traits is more impactful when doing it in-person but you can make a similar impression virtually as well. Show that you understand the company and the position offered. There are a few steps you can take to make your employer understand that you’re someone who really gets their company:

– Learn as much as you can beforehand about their company to build trust and reflect that you can be their potential reliable employee

– Present and market yourself as the most responsive candidate

– Reflect on past experiences to show that you are ready and self-motivated to take up new challenges.

research about a company

4. Prepare for A Two-Way Conversation and Challenging Questions

An interview goes both ways, it’s important to have a set of thoughtful questions ready for the recruiter as well. On the other hand, one should also be prepared to answer questions related to remote-working challenges as it has unique considerations.

Here are some questions you can ask:

-How often does the team communicate?

– Do we cater to different time zones?

– What communication tools does the team/managers use to encourage collaboration and connection?

Here are some questions, you might be asked?

– Why do you want to work remotely for our company?

– Any previous experience of working remotely?

– What do you think is the biggest challenge you might face as a remote worker?

– How do you plan to keep distractions away and focus on productivity while working remotely?


5. Be Ready

Before the scheduled interview time, ensure everything in place at least 10 minutes in advance. Check your internet connection, keep your resume handy, check your equipment – microphone/webcam. You can also keep sticky notes handy which are not visible during the call for any particular reminders to stay focused. Lastly, remember to relax, do a few breathing exercises to not look nervous and stay calm.

interview ready

Pro-tip: Remember to look them in the eyes while talking, so you do not appear to be distracted or flighty – All the best!

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