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A Day, Everyday in My Office!

The start of my professional journey at Headsup Corporation has been enthralling since the day of my interview. I was asked to write a poem on ‘Imaginary Organisation’. From there only I started imagining my would-be-intriguing days at Headsup.

People often ask me, “What’s a typical day like in your office?”. Honestly, there’s no typical day because this is no office-next-door. There is no 9 am rush and Monday blues are more pink in hue. When I enter the space, it envelopes me into the flow with new challenges every day. This is the case for the people who work here. And, these challenges build our learning. I have a fair idea of to-do-list but I never know what’s going to come at me. The inflow of ideas and the outflow of creativity is a quintessential aspect of everyone’s day at this place. There’s always a hustle bustle because it encompasses more than one aspect of organisation. You can see people having meaningful discussions while sitting on bean bags, people unleashing their artistic sides over a cup of tea when rain pours in the balcony, and people working together towards a deadline with full force and vigour. Inter-departmental and intra-departmental brainstorming sessions are part of a normal routine here. The apprehensions I had for corporate culture have been discarded by Headsup totally. We just don’t work together, we lead together and unwind together. The lunch sessions are like big family gatherings – some people bring food from home and others order. The culture of sharing is inherent in this space – whether it is sharing food, ideas, or advice.

The place where one works, should be a place of learning and growing, and Headsup lives by it. This has been ensured by our wonderful mentor, Sumit Kumar. The marvellous culture of this office space has been made by him and he made sure everyone imbibed it. His leadership has shaped all of this come to be and created an environment where everyone thrives together. There’s no such thing as a typical day at Headsup Corporation because every day is unique just like the individuals here!

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