Diversity Debt – Don’t let it sneak on your Startup

In the engineering world when you cut corners by using shortcuts and skipping lines code and skirting best practices, the end result could work but it would not be the best product and could go in flames at any point. That is the price you pay for shoddy work and it is called Engineering Debt. Similarly, there is another term that is “Diversity Debt”. In pursuit of finding the best talent, don’t let your internal bias shine through.

Don’t let your company become a homogenous group of people, who think the same, who talk the same, who dress the same. It may seem like a good idea on paper, but when it comes to productivity, generation of new ideas, resilience to crisis, having diversity debt could be fatal. It is necessary for start-ups to have a heterogeneous mix of people, to avoid group thinking and toxic environment.

Build the talent base from the start that is inclusive for all people, irrespective of their cultural beliefs, ethnicity, gender, and lastly find out people who have a diversity of thought. Diversity and inclusion have intrinsic value for us human beings. In the market that is vast and global, companies miss out if they are not hearing from several viewpoints. Let the individuals shine in a group capacity.

Find the rockstars, the ninjas, the unicorns, they are what your company should hire. You can always find someone who fits in the mould that you are looking for, find someone just outside that mould, to offset some of the balance and create good conflict.